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Creating a Personal Website
This Personal Website is my latest effort at what webmasters and others call "creating a Personal Website".
I have removed all previous incarnations of this " Personal Website", so I apologise for all the "broken" hyperlinks. Please be patient! (And if you still wanna take a look at previous incarnations, follow this link .) 
Most of what were in the previous versions of this "personal website" were hardcoded or handcoded, using the hypertext markup language ( HTML ) plus some Javascript ... although I did use some automated software tools along the way as well. (Note: "website" and "web site" are both acceptable usages.)
But today is part of the first decade of the 21st century. And, unlike the late 20th century, we can very easily and much more smoothly (and still without knowing any markup language or script) "build a personal web site" -- or "make a personalq website" or "create a Personal Website".
Sidebar :
Of course, as a non-denominational -- i.e., independent -- Charismatic Christian, I tend to avoid using the word "create" when referring to my personal effort, including the activity of "building a personal website".
Let's leave it to God to perform the act of "creation". The best we can do, for the time being, is to "rearrange".
This may change eventually -- and soon -- with developments in the biological sciences at the nano-tech level and below. Nanites , anyone? Wow-Wee! ... I like the prospect of physical immortality, with these self-programmable and self-repairing nanobots.
And, let's not forget the developments in quantum physics. We may soon be able to create sparticles instead of just dealing with normal "quantum particles" ... well, maybe!

Anyway, why is it easier to build "personal websites" today?
Well ... because we can simply use online software tools, such as the Trellix   Site Builder tool which 's provides free-of-charge. It's all a click-and-go affair. No need for handcoding or hardcoding with any markup language or script.
Sidebar :
This is part of what is now, circa late 2007, called "cloud services" and "cloud omputing", which are terms related to, or are extensions of, "utility computing", "distributed computing", "virtualisation", and the like. (You can easily read up on these terms, simply by searching via a "search engine" like Google or a directory service like Yahoo!)
Yesterday's (April 23, 2008) New York Times carried a report -- "Microsoft Reveals a Web-Based Software System" -- about Live Mesh .
Live Mesh  is Microsoft's "data storage and Web software system" that will "blur the distinction between software running on the Windows operating system and an elaborate array of services that will be delivered to a growing collection of electronic gadgets".
The report by John Markoff continued as follows:
Live Mesh is Microsoft’s late entry into a rapidly growing market described as cloud computing .
The term refers to the movement of software applications and services from PCs to centralized data centers, where they are made available via the Internet.
Companies like, Google, Salesforce and dozens of others are building computing centers that will effectively outsource data processing and make it a commodity that companies purchase as they would electricity.
( boldface and additional paragraphing added)

Free Personal Websites
Anyway, with 's free hosting plan, it is really child's play to build a free personal website.
In fact, you can even build several free personal websites.
Of course, the server disc (HDD) space you get with's free hosting plan is minimal, about 20MB, so that you can served up mostly text in a single free personal website.
But you can "spread out" the message of your theme -- or "site concept" -- through several of these free personal websites, thus connecting them "dimensionally" and "cyberspatially", so to speak. The URL's for each free personal website would be different, of course -- but, conent-wise, the entire set of free personal websites can "tie" together.
What, Actually, Is A Personal Website?

So, what, actually, is a " Personal Website" -- or "personal website"? What can you do with these kind of website? What do you put in them?

According to ( URL ):
What Is a Personal Website?:

A Personal Website tells your readers about your thoughts, ideas, interests, hobbies, family, friends, feelings, or something you feel strongly about, but that's not all. These days a personal Web site also shows your personal photos and often contains a blog of your thoughts and feelings telling the world about you.

... A Personal Website means diaries, self-written books and poems, family, pets, or a page about your favorite topic such as a TV show, a sport, or a hobby. Or it could be a page written to help others with topics like health or how to's on just about anything.

And this is what Wikipedia ( URL ), my favorite free, user-editable (thus "Web 2.0") online encyclopedia has to say about "personal web pages":
Personal web page
Personal web pages are World Wide Web pages created by an individual to contain content of a personal nature. The content can be about that person or about something he or she is interested in.
Personal web pages can be the entire content of a domain name belonging to the person (which would then be a personal website), or can be a page or pages that are part of a larger domain on which other pages are located - an example of one such larger site is GeoCities.
Another example would be a student's website for school.
Personal web pages are often used solely for informative or entertainment purposes.
Defining personal web page is difficult, because many domains or combinations of web pages that are under the control of a single individual can be used by the individual for commercial purposes, ranging from just the presentation of advertising, to electronic commerce: the sale of goods, services or information; in fact eBay began as the personal web page of Pierre Omidyar.
Personal web pages may be as simple as a single page or may be as elaborate as an online database with gigabytes of data.
Many Internet service providers offer a few megabytes of space for customers to host their own personal web pages.
The content of personal web pages varies and can, depending on the hosting server, contain anything that any other websites do. However, typical personal web pages contain images, text and a collection of hyperlinks. Many can contain biographical information, résumés, and blogs.
Many personal pages will include information about the author's hobbies and pastimes, and information of interest to friends and family of the author.

On this Personal Website ...
So, on this Personal Website of mine, you'll learn some things about me, Paul Quek ...
So long as it's OK to share the information without compromising security, of course.
Well ... nowadays, you have to be mindful of the danger of "identity theft" by unscrupulous idiots, con artists, and flimflamming humbugs.
Bearing in mind that caveat about identity theft, I will share freely with you about my thoughts, ideas, interests, feelings, passions, pastimes, and more.
Or ... maybe, less!
It's not that I am paranoid ...
But, in these early years of the 21st century -- that is, not too long after the horrific terrorist act of "9/11" on September 11, 2001 -- each of us must actively have a heightened sense of responsibility about security, especially towards not only terrorists but also scammers , fraudsters , swindlers, cheats  and thieves -- all of whom may exploit the power of the Internet for their nefarious and illegal activities.
Really ... it's such a sad situation -- no thanks to those lost, darkened spirits and tortured, wayward souls.
So, Heavenly Father Yahweh, in Your Name ... and the Name of Your Only Begotten Son Yahshua ("Yahweh is Salvation") our Lord and Savior ... and with the Power and Anointing of the Holy Spirit our Counsellor and Comforter, I rebuke all demonic forces, foul spirits, fallen beings, and darkened human souls!
Thanks, "Abba, Father" ... thank you, Daddy God!


What ...???
You don't believe?
I feel for you, man!
Why do you want to handicap yourself?
Grab the Power of God, duh!
And live to manifest with this Power!
How is this possible?
Because, 2,000 years or so ago, Jesus Christ ( Iesous Christos ; Yahshua ha Marshiach; Joshua the Messiah) brought His World -- i.e., Heaven -- to this, our Planet Earth ... He declared that the Kingdom of Heaven "is near" or "has come", or is "at hand".
So, while we are still on Planet Earth, let's walk "in the Kingdom" ... That is, the Kingdom of God (or Kingdom of Heaven) that is already on this planet ...
So, hey!
Let's be supernaturally supernatural ...
I mean, why be just naturally natural -- that is so weak, lah!
Anyway ... take a look at this picture of Singapore, where I come from -- we already have a bit of the Kingdom of Heaven, you may say! (Well, most of the time -- except during the season of party politicking!)

Singapore (Singapura, "Lion City")
Notice the "Merlion"

Brief Intro
OK ... 
On this home page, I'll introduce myself and briefly talk about my reasons for wanting a web site.
Okay, here goes nothing ...
This is a picture of myself that I especially like:

paulquek777888.jpg, creating a  Personal Website
Paul Quek

As I mentioned above ... I am "Paul Quek" ...
So ... Hi, there!
Ethnically, I an a Chinese, but I don't live in China ... my nationality is "Singaporean".
That is, I was born and am currently living in Singapore.
You may have heard of us ... we are an island "city-state".
And, yes ... it's usually sunny, it's always humid, and it's definitely physically-tiny.
But economically, I am told we are a-giant-of-sorts because we have the world's largest per-capita income -- although that's not true as far as my pocket is concerned ... ha-hah!

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia ... Here's a map of the region:

Southeast Asia (click to enlarge)

Why build a " Personal Website"?
Answer: why not?
It's a way to stake a claim in cyberspace ... That's an infinite space, even though it is now only a planetary cyberspace. But it will grow ... one day, we will have first, an Interplanetary Internet (IPI), then an Interstellar Internet (ISI), and eventually, a Universal Internet (Uni-I) .
You can go into online publishing without too much hassles ... no need to haggle, or mess around, with an agent, a editor, a publisher, a printer, etc. -- all those stuff that exists in the traditional print, usually paper-based, industry.
You can "concretise" and put together your thoughts and ideas and opinions, feelings and passions and hopes, pastimes and interests and hobbies, and so forth. The output can be "published" in a "personal website".
You can write down your requests and thanks and other forms of prayers ...
You can collate what is "out there" ... or any matter you care to investigate. After you have "click" and "surf", read and think, examine and explore ... you can leave a legacy of your collation effort.
Naturally, with blogs and other diarying-journaling tools, you can have your diaries and personal journals. This is similar to the voice-activated "personal log" of Captain James T. Kirk of ST:TOS (Star Trek: The Original Series) fame ... also Captain Jean Luc Picard of ST:TNG (Star Trek: The Next Generation).
We can go on and on ... why not review what and Wikipedia said above, on what can be done with a " Personal Website".
It's beautiful, man ... this whole " Personal Website" thing ... in fact, this whole Internet thing!
Now, all we need do is to make sure that the "forces of darkness" don't exploit the Internet for their ungodly, dangerous and criminal activities ...
No problemo! In Jesus' name, I bind all foul spirits and souls ... Go to Hell, all you foul spirits and souls!
Amen and Halleluyah!

What's New?

This section of the home page is for recording the main changes for this free personal website ... Here I will add an entry whenever I make an update, thus:

24 April 2008
Initiated a revamp of this website, and rewrote this home page

25 April 2008
Minor revisions to this homepage; added a page called "Science Fiction"

30 April 2008
Added a page called "World Mysteries", based on my new SBI (i.e., Site Build It!) constructed-and-hosted website called "Mysteries of the World" -- URL is http://www.mysteries-of-the-world

1 May 2008
Revised the home page yet again!


Below is a section of this homepage that contains some of my favoite pictures ... enjoy!
Fave Pics
Reminds me of Kevin Costner's Waterworld movie -- or, maybe "Jack Deth" in the Scanners movie (where LA was submerged in the Pacific Ocean shortly after the Great Earthquake). 


Photo of a 33-year old British beauty ... Born in Croydon, Moss was reportedly paid GBP3 million to create a fashion range for Topshop, the popular British high-street chain owned by Sir Philip Green.

Kate Moss


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